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Terms of sale

To better service clients and standards for battery processing.Our company have ruled that returned battery:
1.First,agency can get in touch with after sales service manager and record battery code apart from the overdue.
2.The cost of the returned battery freight will is paid by agency and our company.
3.After the inspection and testing,if the batterys of the reasons for the damage was caused, my company will replace the battery, the freight to be borne by the company.If the battery the damage did not belong to the cause of all, the freight to be borne by the agency.In addition, the company will owe on every dealer five yuan a battery of the inspection and cleaning of packing costs. if you need a new battery pack, plus five yuan every one of the package.
4.Without communication, and took batterys back,our company have get no right to inspect and accept.
5.Back to the battery must be marked and agency also need to indicate the name, telephone number,or else our company disclaim all responsibility for the returned battery.
6.To returned battery, the responsibility for the loss by the dealers and the transport company to negotiate compensation, our company only do coordination Work, not responsible for compensation.
7.Company to do them a single black one, try to avoid long time of partial refund, in return to process such as a special case, the communication should be avoided or delayed for the period.
8.Battery warranty period of 12 months, 3 months period for prosecution.From the date of delivery according to the signature of the cycle.
9.The above terms of all the dealers and player has the binding and protective.


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